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Change The Way

You Brush

Strengthen & Whiten Your Smile
with Activated Charcoal


Activated charcoal, coconut
oil, bentonite clay, and
organic essential oils.



Whiten your teeth and
strengthen your smile
with Activated Charcoal.


We only use smart,
wholesome ingredients.
No Fluoride. Non-GMO.



Our tasty toothpaste will
leave your family's mouths
fresh and clean. Try all 4!

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activated charcoal
whitening tooth powder

My Magic Mud Whitening Tooth Powder is made with activated charcoal & bentonite clay. Use at night for a deep clean & extra whitening.

Turmeric & Cacao
Polishing Tooth Powder

A tasty alternative to toothpaste made with turmeric & cacao. Available in three delicious flavors. Use after each meal, or twice a day.


I am a Biological Dentist and “My Magic Mud” is a product I use being that it is 100% all natural, improves your oral health and makes your teeth brighter and whiter.

Dr. Merrily M. Sandford, DDS


My Magic Mud is the most natural dentifrice on the market. The product is full of surprises as it both cleans your teeth and makes them whiter. Imagine using a black toothpaste to make your teeth SPARKLE.

Donald Newman, DDS


My Magic Mud gives my teeth the look and feel of just having received a professional cleaning. After 2 uses my teeth were noticeably whiter. I am recommending this product to all of my patients!

Stafford G. Conley, Jr. DDS


Like us, you're a health nut!

Many are committed to eating well and working out, but most simply forget that detoxifying the mouth is paramount to whole body health. This activated charcoal and calcium bentonite clay based tooth powder is the most effective formula for purifying your mouth and gums. We’ve also added organic extracts that complements the blend and delivers everything you need to maintain optimal oral health.

You have sensitive teeth and gums.

Many whiteners cause sensitivity. Ours doesn’t. My Magic Mud reverses sensitivity and completely soothes your mouth. Not only is this the most effective natural whitener around, our tooth powder will make your teeth feel stronger than ever and reinvigorate your gums and mouth. If you’re currently dealing with sensitivity, you need our product.

You drink coffee. Love wine. Occasional cigarette?

Our tooth powder breaks down stains and pulls out toxins and is effective enough to work with your lifestyle. Get a deep, dentist-chair like cleaning, and reverse some of the daily abuses. And our blend is ground to the finest level possible so that it leaves behind a beautiful shine and is completely gentle on your enamel.

You simply want whiter teeth.

Studies have verified that people notice your teeth first, and it’s important to look your best. But you likely don’t want to use white strips or chemicals whiteners because they are harmful and cause sensitivity. You also don’t want to spend hundreds at your dentist office, without trying a more affordable alternative first. Well, you’re goal has been achieved. With thousands of happy customers, endorsements, and recommendations from dentists all over the country, we can confidently say that My Magic Mud is one of the most respected natural teeth whiteners around. It’s also priced at around $5 per month. Can’t beat that!

You’re done with the chemicals in toothpaste.

Toothpastes are commonly filled with harsh chemicals. Just look at the back of your toothpaste, a lot of times you’ll find a caution label. Why brush your teeth with harmful chemicals when you don’t have to? My Magic Mud is raw, we use certified organic ingredients, the best activated coconut shell charcoal, and the highest grade calcium bentonite clay around (Living Clay); our formula can even be safely swallowed. No fluoride, no sodium lauryl sulfate, no triclosan, no preservatives, no glycerin, no foaming agents; our whitening tooth powder is as natural as you can get.